What We Offer

IT Solutions For Your Every Need

Bespoke Just In Time / Just In Sequence Systems

Production Systems

Our shopfloor JIT and JIS solutions organise time- and sequence-critical production and provide real-time information at the automotive supplier’s assembly line.

Supply Chain Solutions

Stock Control, Logistics, ERP

Modular and custom designed systems for supply chains, stock control, logistics and ERP are scaled to respond to the particular needs of each supplier, manufacturer and trader.

Warehouse Management Systems

Bespoke and Catered to your needs

A warehouse management system (WMS) is software and processes that allow organisations to have core functions but bespoke to their needs

Solutions for manufacture

At Infinity we have been developing industrial applications following industry best practice for 13 years. We use open source technologies such as Python, Django, Postgres, Javascript, Linux and Erlang. Our approach provides reliable, high quality solutions to a range of industries. Our customised solutions are designed to meet clients’ specific business needs as well as offering savings on licence fees. More importantly, we provide flexible solutions which can grow and adapt with the business by allowing easy and affordable changes and additions to our clients’ existing systems.

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