Corporate History

  • 1996 IT System Support started in London (until 2010 Company operated as Blue Fountain Systems Ltd.)

  • 1998 Company started operations in Belgium (until 2010 Company operated as Blue Fountain Systems S.A.)

  • 1999 Linux based hosting service was added to the service portfolio

  • 2000 Rental server service started

  • 2001 Web based software development of customised solutions begins

  • 2001 First customised ERP implemented

  • 2002 First customised SCM implemented and a Just-In-Time solution developed

  • 2010 Company name changed to Infinity Technology Europe

  • 2013 Infinity Technology installed in UK its 10th Customised JIS solution for automotive suppliers

  • 2014 Office opened in Chester for software development and support

  • 2016 Implementation of RFID tags and data tagging

  • 2017 Implementation of Production systems with Traceability and communications with Robot PLCs

  • 2018 Infinity Technology installed its 1st Warehouse Management System

  • 2019 Infinity Technology working on their 2nd Warehouse Management System for automotive supplies

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